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The Record

The Record discusses Drive Safer’s, Basic Car Control program brought to the MetLife Stadium. The Basic Car Control program is instructed by professionals that train individuals of all ages. It’s safe, educational and fun.


NY1 joins Drive Safer’s, Basic Car Control event. The Basic Car Control event allows drivers of all ages to gain education through a course that teaches them how to control their vehicles in the face of real world situations.

LA Times

The LA Times interviewed Stars on Ice’s special guest, Dorothy Hamill about her career and rejoining the Stars on Ice tour.

Good Morning America

The Wiggles kick off their celebration tour on Good Morning America for Jeff, Murray and Greg’s final tour.

The New York Times

Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL and Head Sniper Instructor talked about his e-book, which was based on conversation that he had with members of SEAL Team 6 and controversial author Mark Owen, No Easy Day.

Fox Business

St. Louis – The Sneaky Chef

The Huffington Post

Norman the Scooter Dog showed off his exceptional skills with The Huffington Post in front of many editors.

David Letterman

Norman the Scooter Dog impressed an audience with his tricks during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America got first hand experience with Norman the Scooter Dog. Norman demonstrated his new talent, riding a bicycle.

Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV gains notion on Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO Bjorn Kjos’s current plans, including his airline expansion and discounted routes.

The Street

Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO Bjorn Kjos discusses with The Street how Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is marketed to the U.S.

New York Post

New York Post provides great detail on Norwegian Air Shuttle’s low cost airline.

New York Times

TANI Brings Superior Men’s Underwear Line to U.S.