Where does your Brand Stand?

Everyone has a brand.
But only a few brands truly stand out.

Bringing together the best minds in the industry, we develop strategic, brand building campaigns for our Partner-Clients. Our fully integrated communications marketing approach drives brand awareness leading to increased revenue streams. Your ROI is our mission.

As a Stryker-Munley Group partner, we have offices in 9 cities across the U.S. The breadth of our services has expanded, making us even more valuable to you and our clients as strategic communications consultants.

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Latest Blog posts


We work with businesses (large and small) all of the time. In all of our initial discussions, we ask: “Have you written a book?” If the answer is No,…

May 16, 2016Author Publishing

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7 Media Relations Insights From a Miley Cyrus Concert

Last night, I took my 13 year old daughter to see and experience the Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” tour. Yes, admittedly, I was looking to score some “Father of the…

April 4, 2014Branding Media PR

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From Coca-Cola to The Tonight Show: What’s the Value of a Brand?

What’s a brand worth? When do you make a change?  If the brand is #1 and has been for years, do you make the decision that you have to…

February 7, 2014Branding television

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This weekend, I was invited to speak to a number of students at my alma mater, Ithaca College. The students are all taking Public Relations courses and ranged from…

October 14, 2013Branding college Mentor

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Yes, BrandStand. So far, there’s been a welcoming reception to our name. People get it. Or people think they get it. Interestingly, many have connected our name to “Bandstand”, yes…

September 11, 2013Branding Entrepreneur PR

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Client Testimonials

Dave Thalberg & Rob Bailey understand what it takes to build brands. They are relationship builders. They are creative. They are leaders. They’re the type of guys you want to work with on a regular basis because you can trust that they have their clients’ interests at heart.Rick Frishman – Best-selling author and publisher

David takes a careful look at how messaging should be positioned and delivered and executes in order to help us reach our target audience. Beyond media relations, David prides himself on delivering access to strategic partners and new business development opportunities through warm introductions and thoughtful networking.Ryan Frankel – Founder and CEO, VerbalizeIt