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We work with businesses (large and small) all of the time. In all of our initial discussions, we ask: “Have you written a book?” If the answer is No, we ask “Why not”? You see, a book is the best marketing tool available.

A book automatically qualifies you as an “Expert.” You’ve literally “written the book” on your subject matter.

You’re a psychologist – write a book about your approach

You’re a florist – write a book showing off your best arrangements

You’re a chef – write a cookbook

You’re an accountant – write a book about the best tax secrets

You’re a teacher – write about the teacher-parent-student relationship

You’re an award-winning actor – stop reading this page and call me now!


A book opens many doors for you, particularly two:

  1.     Media will be more receptive to interview you or promote you.

It’s true!

Example: You’re a pilot and want to promote your private air charter services, getting media to talk with you could be difficult. But if you’ve written the book on private flying – including the advantages, the history, funny stories, adventures… Well, media would love to hear these stories from you.

Example: You’re a used car dealer and want to get more people in your dealership. A TV station or newspaper will happily take your ad dollars, but would be unlikely to write an article about you. But, if you’ve written the book about the history of used car dealerships, ads, interesting sales techniques, rare used cares…. Well, (to be redundant), media would love to hear these stories from you.

2.          You will be invited to speak to more groups of people (customers), as an authoritative expert in your field. Why? You’re written the book on it!

Get invited to Chamber of Commerce meetings, church events, and alumni groups. Create a MeetUp of like-minded individuals who want to learn from you.

Even if you don’t get paid for your initial speaking engagements (and it’s likely you won’t), you will be presented as an author, and you will have your book right there for sale – and for you to personally sign!

These initial speaking engagements will eventually lead to larger and more prominent speaking engagements, the potential to be a paid speaker, which will increase your book sales!

A final note: your book can be the first step in building your “expert platform.” As you are more frequently interviewed by media and speak more, you will generate more content that can be used in additional income building efforts:



DVD/Audio series

New books

To reiterate: Writing a book will eventually make you more money.  Not bad, right?

So go ahead.  Get a pen. Get a pencil. More likely, grab your computer and go sit in a comfy spot.  And write.  Just write.  See what comes out.  Then take a break, and write some more.  Sooner than you know it, you’ll have written 10 pages, 20 pages, 100..200 pages!  And then, you’ve got a book.






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